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Vowels: Compare other u/oo sound

Listen to the other u sound
Listen to the oo sound

The lips are held in a circle for both the other u and oo sound. In addition, the back of the tongue alters slightly during their creation.

Compare the other u and oo sound

ESL/ELL/EFL other u /ʊ/ and oo sound /u/ vowel sound pronunciation comparison |

other u/oo sound illustration

To create the oo sound, the lips are made into a small and tense circle at the same time as the body of the tongue is pushed back (allowing the back of the tongue to raise toward the soft palate). To transition into the other u sound, the tongue relaxes a little and the back of the tongue lowers slightly while the lips loosen into a more open and relaxed circle.

other u oo sound


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High-frequency Words: oo Spelling

other u spelled u

Sound Practice

other oo

other u

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