/s/ + Consonant: Initial Consonant Clusters

The following consonant clusters including /s/ can occur at the beginning of a word in English.

Practice blending smoothly from one consonant sound into the next without adding a vowel sound between the consonants.

1. /sk/ a. school
b. score
c. skin
2. /skr/ a. scratch
b. scream
c. screen
3. /sl/ a. sleep
b. slow
c. slight
4. /sm/ a. small
b. smart
c. smile
5. /sn/ a. snake
b. snap
c. snow
6. /sp/ a. speak
b. special
c. spend
7. /spl/ a. split
b. splash
c. splice
8. /spr/ a. spring
b. spread
c. spray
9. /st/ a. stand
b. start
c. still
10. /str/ a. street
b. strong
c. stress
11. /sw/ a. sweet
b. swim
c. switch

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